About Irenic Abode

A Himalayan homestay offering abundance of peace, luxury and serenity.

A Quaint Idyllic Perch in the foothills of The Himalayas flanked by lush green forests for the quintessential discerning vacationers and backpackers, the Irenic Abode rejuvenates your senses and invigorates your soul which are dampened by the polluting city life. If luxury and warmth juxtaposed with raw nature has a name, it is this place which encompasses a totalitarian concept of living boosting the adrenaline and dopamine of the body which becomes inactive with every passing day in the drowning cacophony of monotonous existence.

The Chefs here are so skilled and deft that the meals served not only satisfy your hunger but also leave your soul asking for more. A variety of dishes from delectable cuisines around the globe find their way to your table to satiate your palate. Made from the finest ingredients, the raw materials are organically sourced and fresh and provide a succulent taste to the dishes.

Farms, Forests, Hills, Gardens, Flowers and the Aroma of the Deodar Wood Panelling and the Pine Wood encaptivates your senses the moment you step into this treasure trove of dreams. The moment you step in you are teleported to a faraway land far from the despondency of everyday lives straight into the realm of the divine. The fragrance of flowers during the day and the smoky flavours of the barbeque at night along with the blazing bonfire render the place a surreal ambience.

The Chirping of Birds, The Dew covered Grass, Mist clinging in the Air and Cool and Clear Breeze is what greets you early in the Morning at Irenic Abode. The Evenings are decked up with The Finest of Drinks and Cocktails at the Gazebo along with a Wood Fired Charcoal Grill to churn out your favourite Grills, Steaks and Sizzlers along with Live Performances around the Bonfire.

It's a place for everyone who wants some days of peace, some days of mental succour, some days of positive energy, some days of divinity, some days of nature's goodness infused with the serenity and the tranquility of the mountains, the chirping of birds interspersed with the cry of the wild beast, the lazy and cozy afternoons with some energetic evenings....It's a place for everyone to enjoy and make memories....to have the time of their lives....It's a place which surely can be compared to Utopia.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes there are a few trekking options nearby. We refer to them as:
1. Temple Run:- A Short Trek which takes you to the temple located on the hillock on the other side of Irenic Abode. A grassland bordering the temple makes it the perfect picnic spot.
2. Tal toTal:- A 5 km drive uphill takes you to the ridge line from where you could trek to the beautiful Sattal lake.
3. Enter the Jungle:- A 45 minute uphill trek through a dense foliage of the forest makes it a must to do activity for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.
1. Non Vegetarian Barbecue:- Rs. 2500 (for 4 people).
2. Vegetarian Barbecue:- Rs.2000 (for 4 people).
3. Bonfire:- Rs.1000 (per load of wood).
Bhimtal lake is just over 2kms from Irenic Abode.
No. We have an in-house chef who shall cook for the guests.
No, but accommodation can be provided in nearby lodges.
Yes, the wifi works at good speed.